The original Harry Potter music box.

We're sure you'll impress everyone the next time you get together to enjoy a HP marathon. Just take it out, crank it up, and let it sing. 🎵

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A great gift for any HP lover.

MelodyBox™ is the perfect gift or collectible.

The most unique gift for any Harry Potter lover (everyone) or any music lover (also everyone). It's also very small, and easy to carry around! ⚡



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Sounds awesome, thanks
Natalie on Oct 20, 2019

This shipped crazy fast! Exactly what I expected. It is just adorable, the painted detail is really nice and the music is perfect for what I wanted. I bought this as a gift but will definitely be playing with it myself from time to time! 😄

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You have to check this out!
John B. on Oct 18, 2019

Amazing product. If you love the series, or if you know someone that does, this is a must have item. The wood details are perfect and the sound quality is impressive.